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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim... a warm welcome and hi!

u have stumble upon my enchanted world :D according to my ic my name is Nurzulaika bt. Ramli and it was given by my sister. till today i still wonder why not my parents yg bagi my name. instead my sister (=.=") sokay, she's cool tho people know me by the name Zuzu Kent, so u people can call me Zuzu, Zue, Deq-A, or Zulaika. please don't call me ika or ieka. cuz it just sound so rempit's kayy. nahh just joking. Was brought up to this world on 22nd June 1994 and currently staying in BangsarSouth, KL. (dont ask me where is it. just Google it please -.-") a Diploma Aviation and Tourism Management holder and currently struggling to finish my Bachelor Degree in Airline and Airport Management. btw, i'm just another teenage girl that likes to rebel and be herself. i have 12 meoowws. there's only 10 left. i'm not a drama queen but as far as i known myself i'm quite shy. so, efff you if u say that i'm arrogant kay -,-"

i love my parents *who doesn't ayte? i love my family and current boyfie i love soft pink and orange and mostly stuff that people gave to me. i used to be a netball player and a very athletic person. sekarang dah gemok :P i only blog when i'm bored or get angry for no reason / reasonable issue. trying to blog as much as i can to keep 'em alive. taken by Tut on 8th of January 2013 hence the blog is given name as #Tut's Baby. i don't have anything else to tell so I cut short here. I'm not very good with intro lol. Toddles~

P/S: if you want to know more about my life, please follow my Instagram @_jujuzr :) thankyousomuchie

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